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>> Team / Karlo Teran


Partner, Operating Partner and member of our investment team since 2011 

Mr. Teran is an operating partner at AMCO where he currently serves as Chief Commercial Officer at AMCO. Mr. Terán has served as member of the Board of Directors of H+, Villazul and AMCO.

Prior to joining Discovery Americas, Mr. Terán was a Senior Associate at Bain & Company, where he helped to develop the business  plan of Volaris.

In addition, he has a successful experience as the Co-Founder of Juanfutbol.com the leading mobile site for Soccer fans in Mexico and extensive experience in the Manufacturing sector as a board member of two leading companies in the country. Mr. Terán holds a BA in Finance from ITESM and an MBA from the Kellog School of Business and he also did a summer internship at Calpers.