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>> Team / Hector Montes


Is an Operating Partner of Discovery Americas and CEO of H +  Since 2011.

He previously served as the Director of Corporate Finance, Corporate Finance Director and CEO of Medica Sur, a publicly listed hospital chain.   Prior to that, at Nacional Financiera, he was Director of Investment Banking, Head of Treasury and Risk Management in Equity Markets. He  was also  Deputy Director of Fundamental Analysis and Project Analyst at Bank of Mexico.

He has also served as a member of various Boards and Committees including Mexico Fund, Impelling Mexico, NAFINSA Holdings Corporation and Subs., Medica Sur, Market Promotion Fund, Mutual Fund NAFINSA, Market Support Fund Intermediate.

He earned his bachelors degree from UNAM in  Actuarial Science.  He has also earned a number of cortication’s including in: "Negotiation and Influence Strategies" at Stanford University, Investment Strategy Advisor from the Mexican Securities Industry Association (BIMA), Financial Risk Management at Chase Manhattan Bank, and Series 7 from the NASD.