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>> Team / Armando Martinez


Is responsible for investment research, due diligence, deal-structuring and monitoring of portfolio companies. Mr. Martinez serves on the boards of Fondo de Transporte México and AMCO, and is the Director of Corporate Finance of Fondo de Transporte México and LIPU.

Prior to joining Discovery Americas, Mr. Martinez worked as an Associate at the investments division of CISCO (Brazil) and at the management team of Discovery Americas, where he screened investment opportunities and participated in private equity transactions in the housing company Umbral Capital and the road assistance services company Iké.

Mr. Martinez is Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Universidad Iberoamericana.

Mr. Martinez has also worked as an Analyst at Protego in the Real Estate Investment Banking Division. Prior to that, he worked at Banco de México as an Economist. Mr. Martinez holds a B.A with honors in Economics from ITAM and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he graduated as an Arjay Miller Scholar. He has passed levels I and II of the CFA examination